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Welcome to kurtmunger.com.  Feel free to browse my lens reviews or other stuff.  If you saw something interesting on a previous visit, but can't seem to find it now, use the search box below, or contact me. Thanks for visiting!

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It's a rap folks, 10+ years of news from Minolta, Konica Minolta, and Sony, plus a whole lot more over the last decade! Kurtmunger.com is no longer being updated as of 2016. Check out my new site, photojottings version 3.0!! Everything here has been copied to the new site, and will be updated regularly; I know this might sound familiar to regular visitors, but this time there's no turning back!


I'll keep this site running for the sake of nostalgia, probably for a few years or more, but it will be 'frozen in time".


Thanks for all the visits over the years. I hope you will visit and enjoy the new site as much as my little site here I started in 2006!



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